Tungsten,Molybdenum,Carbides Products
Tungsten Crucibles
Tungsten Crucibles
Tungsten Heater
Tungsten Heater
Tungsten Wires
Tungsten Wires
Electronic spot welding electrodes
Electronic spot welding electrodes
Heat Resistance Tungsten Wire
Heat Resistance Tungsten Wire
Tungsten Needle
Tungsten Needle
About Jie Long
Zhuzhou Jielong Non-ferrous Metal Technology Co.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as JLYS), was established in the hometown of Nonferrous Metal of China --- Zhuzhou city in Hunan province. Our main products could be devided into four categories : Hard materials(Cemented carbide), tungsten products, molybdenum products, and other rare metal materials(such as  tantalum,niobium and titanium products) .JLYS has three branched factories: Suihua tungsten and molybdenum material factory,Carbide factory, refractory metal machining center. JLYS Company is a national high-tech enterprises,through the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, has a strong technical force,advanced production equipment to improve the quality assurance systems, and advanced detection methods. JLYS is staffed by a number of experts in the field of design,development and production of tungsten & molybdenum products.The highly qualified technical team accounts for 30% of total employees,JLYS is a real technology-le.......+more
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Address:No.152 Huanghe South Road Tianyuan District,Zhuzhou City,Hunan,China
Tungsten Needle
Heated Tungsten Wire Windshields
Heat Resistance Tungsten Wire
Tantalum sheet, Tantalum foil
Grinding Sharp  Tungsten Electrodes
Spot welding tips
Electronic spot welding electrodes
Discharge tungsten filament , Fine tungsten wire
Tungsten Tubes
Molybdenum Washers
Molybdenum Nuts
Molybdenum Screw
Molybdenum  Plate
Tungsten Strip Heater
Tungsten rod heater
Tungsten Heat Elements
W(Mo)Boat,Tungsten Heater
Oil-well logging
Crankshaft Counterweights
Twisted Wires
Tungsten Wires
D0.8mm Tungsten Heater
Tungsten Heavy Alloy/Metal
High Conductivity Electric Switch Contact
Welding Electrodes
Spot welding heads/tips/electrodes
Molybdenum Boats
1.0x210x320mm Tungsten Plate
D3.2 x 35mm Pointed Tungsten Electrodes
D6.0 x 100(L) Tungsten Rods
D16mm x 300mm(L) Pure Polished Tungsten Rods
White or Cleaned Tungsten Wires
10.0 x 30mm Cerium Tungsten rods
Spot welding head for electronic spot welding machine
12x30mm Pure tungsten rods or Cerium tungsten electrode for Welding industry
Polished pure Tungsten plate
Molybdenum alloys
Copper-tungsten alloys plate 12x100x100
Molybdenum rods,lamp foot, molybdenum bracket
Small Molybdenum Crucibles
Molybdenum Crucibles
Tungsten crucible
truncated tungstne needle
Sharpened tungsten needle
Pointed tungsten rods 2.0*80mm
Cu/Mo/Cu Heat Sinks (CMC)
Molybdenum Copper Materials
Tungsten Copper Alloy Materials
Tungsten crucibles 70*12*2
Fine tungsten wire
Tungsten or molybdenum square electrode
0.8mm tungsten wire
Tungsten heater
Twisted tungsten wire
Allotypic Welding Electrode
Welding Electrode10*10*100
Tungsten crucibles
Tungsten rods 6.6*8.89mm
Electrical Tungsten Contacts
10Laps EB tungsten filament
8Laps EB tungsten filament
Molybdenum reflection shield
tungsten heavy alloy parts
Tungsten Alloy Ball
Tungsten Heavy Alloys
Molybdenum Target
Molybdenum Special Shape parts
molybdenum bolts and screws
Mo-1 Molybdenum disc
Cemented Tungsten Carbide Rods
5.0x20mm Tungsten Rods
Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles
Titanium sheets
Titanium Disc
Stranded Tungsten Wire
Niobium wire
Tungsten Copper  Alloys
Molybdenum Crucibles
Carbide Plates
Cemented Carbide
Molybdenum Boats
Molybdenum Wires
Molybdenum Sheets
Mosaic Electrode,Deformed Electrode
Sharpen Tungsten Needle
Tungsten Heater
Molybdenum Rods
Tungsten Rods, Tungsten Needle
Tungsten Plate,Tungsten Sheet
Tungsten Boats
Tungsten Crucibles
Lanthanum -Tungsten Electrode
Twisted Tungsten Wires
High Purity Tungsten Wire
Thorium Tungsten Electrodes
Cerium Tungsten Electrodes
Pure Tungsten Electrodes
Tungsten rods